Meet Natalie Murray

As a scientist by training and a human resource executive by profession, Natalie Murray brings a unique blend of expertise to our board. With 24 years of experience specializing in designing organizations and cultivating leaders and teams for peak performance, Natalie has left an indelible mark on the global landscape of the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries.

A proud triple-negative breast cancer survivor, Natalie is not only resilient but also deeply passionate about health and wellness. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, she channels this passion into supporting others in achieving their wellness goals. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom, creating a bridge between her professional acumen and personal dedication to well-being.

A native Jamaican and a graduate of Temple University and St. Joseph’s University, Natalie holds degrees in Chemistry and Organizational Development and Leadership. Her diverse background enriches our board, bringing a global perspective and a profound understanding of the intersections between science, leadership, and holistic well-being.

Join Natalie on our journey at Still Rise Farms, where her commitment to orchestrating excellence in well-being is a harmonious note in the symphony of our mission.