Our Founder

Our Founder

Dr. Monique Gary

Meet the visionary force behind Still Rise Farms, Dr. Monique Gary, affectionately known as ‘Dr. Mo.’ A multifaceted professional, she gracefully wears the hats of a breast surgeon, educator, entrepreneur, media figure, farmer, and philanthropist. Currently serving as the Medical Director for the Grand View Health/Penn Cancer Network’s cancer program, she also directs the breast program within the same network.

Dr. Mo’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that true well-being extends beyond the physical and encompasses the mind and spirit. It’s a holistic approach that transcends traditional boundaries, recognizing the interconnectedness of various facets of health. Her unwavering commitment to addressing health disparities has garnered recognition in esteemed publications, online platforms, and peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Mo’s pursuit is not merely professional but a personal calling, a mission to democratize wellness and make the benefits of physical, mental, and emotional health accessible to all.

At Still Rise Farms, we embrace individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their specific cancer diagnosis. Our farm is cancer agnostic, offering a holistic haven for everyone seeking wellness. While Dr. Monique Gary’s expertise as a breast surgeon provides unique insights, her commitment to integrative healing extends to all individuals facing cancer and chronic illness. Together, we foster a community of support, resilience, and well-being for everyone on their journey to health.

Still Rise Farms stands as a testament to inclusivity, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. Dr. Mo’s journey is not just a professional narrative; it’s a profound testament to the interconnectedness of passion, purpose, and well-being. Through her roles as a healthcare professional, educator, and advocate, she stands as a symbol of empowerment, driving positive change within the landscape of health and wellness. At Still Rise Farms, her vision comes to life, inviting individuals to join a community where growth, healing, and resilience flourish in the fertile soil of compassion and dedication.