Youth Wellness Experience

Youth Wellness Experience

How we work

At Still Rise Farms, our Youth Wellness Experience Program is a dynamic initiative designed to engage and educate children in a holistic approach to well-being. Through a series of educational activities, we aim to empower young minds by imparting knowledge about the origins of food, cultivating their own vegetables, and instilling the significance of healthy eating habits. This program introduces the concept of “food as medicine” and culinary medicine, fostering a lifelong appreciation for nutritious living.

Program Components

  1. Farm-to-Table Learning:

    • Understanding Food Sources: Children will learn about the origins of different foods, exploring the journey from farm to table.
    • Seasonal Harvest Exploration: Engage in interactive sessions to discover the benefits of consuming fresh, seasonal produce.

  2. Gardening Workshops:

    • Hands-on Planting: Participants will get their hands dirty in interactive gardening workshops, learning how to grow their own vegetables.
    • Sustainable Gardening Practices: Explore eco-friendly gardening methods, emphasizing the importance of responsible cultivation.

  3. Nutrition Education:

    • Importance of Healthy Eating: Educational sessions will highlight the significance of making nutritious food choices for overall health.
    • Balanced Diet Discussions: Discussions on the components of a balanced diet and the positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

  4. Food as Medicine Concepts:

    • Introduction to “Food as Medicine”: Children will be introduced to the concept of using food as a tool for maintaining good health and preventing illnesses.
    • Culinary Medicine Exploration: Explore basic culinary medicine principles, linking nutrition with culinary practices for optimal well-being.

Sow the seeds of knowledge, health, and a lifelong appreciation for well-being.

Are you a youth organization or program seeking an engaging and educational program for the young minds you nurture? Book our Youth Wellness Experience Program and provide children with an enriching journey into the world of wellness, nutrition, and sustainable living.